New Life Center for New Beginnings

A New Life. A New Beginning. A Better Way

Welcome to New Life Center, we firmly believe that within each individual lies a dream and a remarkable future. For the past 19 years, New Life Center has witnessed the arrival of broken and despondent men, women, and children, only to see them depart filled with hope and embarking on a fresh start. We stand as a Christ-centered recovery program, specializing in addressing the core issues underlying substance misuse, abuse, addiction, and codependency.

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Building New Beginnings Together

Christ-Centered Rehabilitation Center in La Puente

Hello, and welcome to our website! New Life Center for New Beginnings is a Christian recovery center based in la Puente and has been serving the community for over 24 years. Our centers specialize in helping men, women, their families and tin need of a new beginning who are affected by addiction, abuse, and ...
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Empowering Transformation: Our Comprehensive Approach

The New Life Center for New Beginnings offers comprehensive addiction recovery services that are rooted in Christian values. We understand that healing is a holistic journey encompassing the mind, body, soul, and spirit. Our programs prioritize the restoration of these vital dimensions, providing the foundation ...
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Changing Lives Through Faith-Centered Recovery

We are a Christ-centered recovery program that has helped hundreds of people overcome their struggles with addiction, abuse, and codependency. Our vision is to spread the message of hope and restoration to the community, and we believe that the only way to achieve this is through our unwavering commitment to the ...
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Our Dedicated Staff

Our primary goal is to establish a secure environment where people feel cherished and embraced. Our compassionate staff offers continuous supervision, guidance, and responsibility, working to uproot harmful mindsets and behaviors. Beyond surface changes, our staff firmly believes that strong connections are pivotal for enduring recovery. All our campus leaders and full-time team members reside on-site, striving to foster a familial atmosphere.

Our Origins

In 1999, New Life Center for New Beginnings emerged with a single center in Lancaster, initially catering to six men. Now, as we enter our 20th year, we've expanded to three campuses spanning the San Gabriel Valley, providing assistance to numerous individuals annually. Our program boasts a commendable graduation and retention rate, with former participants succeeding as nurturing parents, devoted partners, enterprising entrepreneurs, dedicated ministers, pastors, and even program directors.

Our Purpose

Our mission revolves around three core principles: Restoring, strengthening, and uniting families by reaching out to those who are lost and suffering. Educating, coaching, and nurturing individuals to discover their life's purpose. Crafting new identities through the renewal of minds. We aim to nurture the well-being of the mind, body, soul, and spirit, enabling individuals to attain complete health and unlock their fullest potential in life.


  • Family-owned
  • A network of licensed facilities
  • Substance free environment
  • Life long friendships
  • Christ-centered recovery program